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NLE Choppa: Certified Munch?

In a recent interview, NLE Choppa was candid about his infatuation with the Bronx drill rapper and booming artist Ice Spice

NLE Choppa could be considered a "munch", based on how he views the rising rapping star Ice Spice.

In an exclusive interview on The Jason Lee Show, the Memphis artist was asked by Lee if he "loved Ice Spice from a distance", to which Choppa simply responded with a chuckle and the statement "Ice Spice [is] beautiful."

Watch the interview clip here:

When pushed by Lee more on his feelings towards the Bronx drill rapper, Choppa revealed that Ice Spice gave him her number and they have been talking with each other since; though, he asserts that the pair only talk about music.

Choppa also revealed that he no longer texts Ice Spice, but that does not mean he's stopped paying attention to the "Like...?" artist.

“I don’t text her no more...She changed her number. So, I watch from a distance. I see she’s doing a lot of big things."


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