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No Parades On YoungBoy's Watch

Lil Baby may have caused a bit of stir this weekend when he met up with Ja Morant after a Grizzlies game and quoted NBA Youngboy's lyrics

Lil Baby's outing to a NBA game last weekend may have added some fuel to the ongoing feud between YoungBoy Never Go Broke and Lil Durk.

On Sunday (Mar. 26th), Lil Baby attended a Grizzlies vs. Hawks match in Atlanta and met up with Ja Morant after the game. The "U-Digg" rapper then received a signed jersey from the Grizzlies player, with the former remarking with "Parade in my city, yeah!", lyrics from NBA Youngboy's 2022 hit "Fresh Prince of Utah".

The lyrics have appeared to turn into a catchphrase for Morant as well as the rest of the Memphis team, quoting YoungBoy's song in their victories as somewhat of a chant.

However, YoungBoy may not have been pleased with Lil Baby and Morant's link-up, likely due to the Louisiana rapper being in a feud with rapper Lil Durk and that beef extending to any who collaborate with Durk; this includes Lil Baby.

On Twitter, YoungBoy posted a now-deleted tweet that may have been about Lil Baby and his interaction with Morant, declaring "That b*tch ass n****a got to run into me too better remember he chose a side this sh*t get gangsta boy."

Lil Baby has yet to offer a response to NBA YoungBoy's tweet.

Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy's beef goes back to several years, initially becoming apparent in 2019 when deceased rapper and member of Durk's rap crew at the time, King Von, was involved in beef with YoungBoy that involved social media squabbles over ex-girlfriends and Von accusing YoungBoy of pretending to be a gangster in his music.

This feud would escalate in 2020, with associates of YoungBoy's getting into a physical confrontation with King Von in a parking lot outside of a hookah lounge. The fight ended in Von getting shot, allegedly by Tim 'Lil Tim' Leeks, the half-brother of Georgia rapper Quando Rondo. Von later died of his wounds while in the hospital.

Weeks later, NBA YoungBoy's brother was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, leading some to speculate whether or not this was revenge for Von's death.

Since then, YoungBoy and Lil Durk have gotten into their own public feud that so far has been confined to to their music and social media; while fans of both artists likely wish for two to squash their beef, perhaps we can all agree that their rivalry is best to be reserved to online environments and not escalate into a more volatile situation.


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