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No PPV Needed For This Fight

Joseline Hernandez was recently arrested for his physical confrontation with Big Lex backstage at the Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III boxing match last night

The Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III boxing match last night (June 11th) may be contested when it comes to the most talked-about fight of the night due to physical confrontation between Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta start Joseline Hernandez and musical artist Big Lex that has now lead to the former getting arrested.

Viral footage depicts Hernandez brutally landing blow after blow onto Lex, as well as holding her in a headlock, while various individuals surround the two trying to separate them and cease the assault. This eventually occurs, but that did not stop Hernandez from landing some hits on random people around her before finally making her exit.


Unfortunately for Hernandez, her satisfaction seems to be short-lived, as she was arrested earlier today (June 12th) for her attack on Lex, according to TMZ. She has acquired four charges, including for battery and trespassing.

Beef between Hernandez and Lex may not be news to any Love & Hip-Hop fans, but surely no one could have expected the former ambushing the other and engaging in a fistfight ironically in the backstage of a boxing match.

Big Lex has yet to offer any statement or insight on her attack from Hernandez or what specifically could have lead to it's occurrence.


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