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No Tracks From Beyond The Grave

Tyler, The Creator recently revealed that a clause is included in his will declaring that no unreleased music is to be distributed after his death

Grammy-award winner and hit-artist Tyler, The Creator recently (Apr. 26th) performed live at the Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, showcasing what is to come with his latest project The Estate Project, including an unreleased song titled "Penny". Before he performed the song, however, Tyler revealed to the crowd that he has a clause in his will preventing any posthumous releases of his unheard music.

"Some of these are so good I can’t just let ’em sit on my hard drive," Tyler remarked on stage. "Because I have in my will that if I die, they can’t put no f*cking post[humous] album out. That’s f*cking gross, [they’ll get] like some random feature on it, some n*gga I didn’t f*ck with."

Check out what Tyler said in this clip here:

Clearly Tyler is not comfortable with anyone distributing and profiting off his work after his death, which is not an unreasonable sentiment. He is not alone in sharing this distaste, either, with singer Anderson .Paak revealing a tattoo on his Instagram story that reads "When I’m gone, please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached...Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public."

In a time where A.I.-technology is allowing people to mimic the voices of artists with increasing accuracy at a scary-rate and music companies are unafraid to continue releasing the music of deceased rappers and singers, those trying to preserve their work and prevent exploitation are being forced to act ahead to maintain their image and their music.

Some could say that we are living in an unsettling time when it comes to art due to one's work being unsafe after their death, and Tyler seems to recognize this fully.


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