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Not Again Ja!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Ja Morant has returned to news the NBA having been suspended from the NBA once again for showing off a firearm

A combination of surprise and disappointment is being felt by those reacting to Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant getting ejected from the league once again after a video began circulating that features him brandishing a gun.

The video was originally from an Instagram livestream hosted by one of Morant's friends, which depicts him sitting a car with a handgun in his hand as he and his friends listen to music in a car.

Check out the footage of Morant here:

In response to the viral video, the Grizzlies PR team issued a statement declaring that Morant is suspended from all team activities "pending league review".

Just as when Morant had been suspended months ago, also due to displaying a gun while on IG Live, criticisms and jokes have been thrown in the Grizzlies player's direction for his behavior from a number of celebrities and sports commentators.

One being the famous Stephen Smith, who tore into Morant without hesitation, asking "Why are you walking around with a gun in broad daylight? What kind of life are you living? Who are you hanging around?" and claiming that the player "doesn't want to listen."

Commentator Shannon Sharpe from Undisputed had some words for Morant too, sharing Smith's questioning as to what kind of life the player wants to live.

Some figures in the music industry had reactions to the news of Morant's second suspension as well, with rapper Fat Joe taking to Instagram to declare that the player must be intentionally trying to be kicked out of the NBA and he would better off leaving his friends to avoid any more trouble.

"He’s trying hard to get kicked out the NBA. And those guys that’s with you? They not your peoples, Ja. They don’t care!" Joe claims.

Continuing: "This is a problem we have with our community becoming famous because the people around you, they like the girls that’s watching, they love the lifestyle — but they’re not you! They didn’t dribble the basketball in the snow on Christmas trying to figure out the Kobe moves or the Jordan moves. They didn’t put in the work like you!"

Check out Fat Joe's video here:

Snoop Dogg, somewhat unsurprisingly, issued his own response to the Morant news in the form of an Instagram post featuring various clips and captions to memeify the situation.

Ja Morant has yet to comment on his current suspension, though due to having given a statement following his first suspension months ago, one may only need to wait for the Grizzlies player to speak on his latest behavior.


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