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Nothin' Wrong With Lovin' The Homies

After Cam'ron allegedly questioned Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors' masculinity in an Instagram post, Mad Skillz responded with some disappointment

Affection being displayed between male-friends tends to elicit criticism from those that think that believe such interactions are not "manly" or associate such behavior as only appropiate between a gay-couple, and the rapper Cam'ron may have been echoing such sentiments through an recent Instagram posting appearing to criticize a Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors.

In the post, the Harlem artist shared a picture of Majors posing with his arms around Jordan, with a caption reading "The reason I didn't go see creed", referring to recent film Creed 3 that stars the pair of actors in opposing roles.

Some of course found the post to be humorous; others, however, criticized Cam'ron for perpetuating homophobia and toxic masculinity. One who was rather vocal in their displeasure of Cam'ron's behavior was Mad Skillz.

Check out the Instagram post here:

In a post presenting a screenshot of Cam'ron's post, with the caption circled, Skillz proceeds to express his disappointment in seeing Black men being ridiculed for expressing love towards one another.

"We are our own worst enemies smh. I tell all my homies I love em…Why? Cuz I do! Sometimes it throws em off but Ion care, Ima keep saying that ish. Tomorrow aint promised. We all getting older man & death is definitley certain," Skillz stated.

Continuing: "Its already hard enough out here for black men as it is bro. You cant even show love or accept it without your own trying to make it out to be something else. I dont know Micheal B Jordan but I know losing Chadwick was hard on him….cuz shit it was hard on all of us...How come men cant have healthy relationships with other men without thier masculinity or sexuality being questioned?"

"When you die and ya family dont have one picture of you smiling you got it bruh. Hardest obituary pic ever. You won," Skillz concluded.

While the friendship between Majors and Jordan had been in full display during the press tour for Creed 3, leading to many to view the two as a new dynamic duo of sorts in the entertainment industry, such a pairing may be in trouble after Majors was recently accused of assault towards a woman in New York City.

Majors and his legal team have maintained the actor's innocence, and most recently have shared text messages that they deem to be evidence of the whole incident being misunderstood by the public. The response to these texts have been mixed, with some believing them to be exonerating Majors of any wrong doing and others believing that the texts to just further incriminate Majors in the alleged-act.

Michael B. Jordan has yet to offer a response to the whole situation.


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