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Offset vs. QC

The legal battle over music ownership between Offset and his record label Quality Control Music escalates

Migos-member Offset has been engaged in a legal fight with his record label, Quality Control Music (QC), over the ownership of his solo music that now has escalated with an accusation thrown at the artist by the company, according to RadarOnline ( Offset had issued a lawsuit against QC to keep the company from making money off of his solo projects, an act that had seemingly been settled between both parties in January 2021, with the rapper claiming he then had ownership over his songwriting credits and recordings.

The matter appears to be, in fact, not settled yet however. QC recently has demanded. After the release of tracks "Code" and "54321", the label had attempted to claim the music, claiming Offset to not have ownership over either, and demanded that the artist's lawsuit be dropped entirely due to his earlier rants on social media regarding his feud with QC being deemed a breach of the parties' confidentiality-agreement. There has yet to be a response from Offset regarding the accusation.


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