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Pick Up The Phone, Ye!!!

Young Thug took to social media to demand that Kanye West answer his phone for "business"

Young Thug apparently has a pressing matter that he needs to speak with Kanye West about, but the "Graduation" rapper is not being receptive.

This past weekend (June 23rd), Thug dropped a new album to the surprise of many, titled Business Is Business. The rapper has been waiting in jail for his trial regarding the YSL-RICO case to begin, hence fans being taken aback by the sudden release. The album is his first newly-released project since his arrest, produced mainly by Metro Boomin and featuring Travis Scott, Future, Drake, and 21 Savage.

But what also caught the attention of many was the Atlanta rapper posting a message to his Instagram story addressing Ye, in which he demands West to "answer the f*cking phone" and states "its business", with a suitcase emoji included in the spelling of business.

Thug would later take his call to action towards West a step further by heading to Twitter and posting a tweet on Saturday (June 24th) that read "Kanye doesn’t have a Twitter but somehow he’ll see this Tweet," followed by a suitcase and thinking emoji.

Fans are now speculating as to what Thug is referring to in his desire to speak to West, with some guessing that a deluxe-edition of the album is on the way featuring the pair on a track or some kind collaboration being due in the future.

Regardless of the reasoning behind Thugger wanting Ye's attention, one can guess that the two trying to get any work done together may be a bit difficult with the former behind bars.


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