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Playboi Carti Arrested

New reports reveal that Playboi Carti was arrested back in Dec. 2022 for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend

According to an arrest affidavit garnered by TMZ (, rapper Playboi Carti has an arrest on his record for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. The incident and arrest occurred in Georgia in Dec. 2022, in which the woman wished to speak to Playboi-real name Jordan Carter-about a paternity test. This conversation lead to an argument which then escalated into a physical attack, in which Carter choked the woman and attempted to prevent her from calling the authorities when she tried to contact them through her car's SOS feature by pulling her out of the vehicle. When the police arrived, they claimed to have seen clear injuries on the woman's neck, chest, and back. Carter was then arrested for felony aggravated-assault.

Police records reveal that Carter had been in jail at the Fulton County police department and released on a $100k bail. His lawyer Brian Steel, the same attorney defending Young Thug in the YSL-RICO trial, claims that the assault-charge is illegitimate and Playboi Carti is innocent. Steel affirms that the charges will be dropped based on his talks with the Fulton County DA office.

This would not be the first arrest on Playboi's record. In 2020, he was arrested on drug and weapon possession charges after having his vehicle searched and police found multiple bags of marijuana, Xanax, oxycodone, codeine, and three guns; in 2019, he was charged and found guilty with assaulting a bus driver in Scotland following vehicular complications.


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