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Floyd Flexin' His Dollars

Floyd Mayweather seemed to have been having a good time showing off his money in a recent video of him receiving a massage while surrounded by dancers

When one is wealthy enough, it may be difficult to avoid showing off your deep pockets. If you are Floyd Mayweather, then that looks like him treating a strip club as his personal palace, as depicted in a recent viral video.

In an Instagram story, the boxing-star is shown lounging while receiving a massage from a woman and being surrounded by strippers dancing and twerking, with more dancers appearing to be in-waiting so that they may step up and dance for Mayweather as well.

Check out the video here:

Such a lavish way of relaxing could be Mayweather's way of decompressing before a fight, as he is due to fight John Gotti III soon. After winning 50 fights in a row so far and earning recognition from many as the best boxer of all time, Mayweather likely is not feeling any pre-match anxiety and is eager to add another win to his record.

That being said, buying out a spot in a strip club to have a line of dancers perform for him while he was treated with a massage treatment could honestly be the exact means of calming nerves that Mayweather would opt for.


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