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Queen B Under Fire

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Beyoncé receives criticism from LGBTQ advocates and members for her choice to perform in notoriously anti-LGBTQ Dubai

Beyoncè is coming under fire from the LGBTQ-community for her live performance in Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates well-recognized for its homophobic laws. Fans have thrown accusations at the Grammy award-winning artist "selling out" due to her past advocacy towards the community, with some specific criticisms arising from no songs from her latest "Renaissance" album being performed on-stage at the time. According to the singer, the album is dedicated to her late-uncle who was gay and died from HIV.

Homosexuality is illegal in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is punishable by death, a reality LGBTQ-members and fans alike have argued Beyoncè to have been negligent over based on her performance in the nation. Users across social media have claimed the artist to have "casted a shadow" over her support of the community and have left her fans struggling to understand her decision-making to perform in a nation son hostile towards queer individuals. Bev Jackson, co-founder of the LGB alliance claims that while Beyoncè is widely-beloved in the community, she is "deeply disappointed" in the artist choosing to perform in the city of Dubai.


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