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Quest Is Lovin' "Let's Start Here"

Lil Yachty's newest album received acclaim from "The Roots" drummer Questlove over social media

Lil Yachty's latest album "Let's Start Here", described by some as a departure album due to it's differing style from the rapper's usual work, saw praise from "The Roots" drummer Questlove. The Philly-artist took to Instagram last Saturday (Jan. 28th) to share his feelings regarding Yachty's bold yet impactful choice to delve into psychedelic rock as opposed to his comfort-zone of hip-hop.

"I dunno man: after about 3 listens, and I thought I’d NEVER say this... and not because ‘I didn’t expect this from Lil Yachty', but just in general I didn’t expect this from MUSIC," Questlove states in the posted video. "How should I put it? I really really really really love this @lilyachty record and I love when artists pull off a good departure record...Most times as a career sabotage of feeling doomed to not be able to live up to a standard they set...Quitting the job/relationship before you give em a chance to fire you..."

Lil Yachty responded to Questlove's positive reception through commenting on the Instagram video with ":) thank u for the kind words sir." "Let's Start Here" released Friday (Jan. 27th), serving as a follow-up to Yachty's "Lil Boat 3" and drawing attention in-part due to it straying away from his recognized hip-hop and trap music stylings and instead drawing influence from psychedelic rock. The departure album has garnered support from other artists aside from Questlove, including Mike Dean, Diplo, A-Trak, and Rapsody.


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