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R&B Artist is Safe But Shaken After Driving Incident

Donell Jones walked away unscathed from a car crash caused by him falling asleep at the wheel

R&B singer and producer Donell Jones was recently involved in a car crash, revealing on his Instagram profile his car in a ditch by the side of the road through a set of photos taken at the scene. According to Jones, the crash was caused by him falling asleep at the wheel. While he was able to walk away with no injuries, the artist shared the profound lesson the experience had on him in the Instagram post. "I walk away with no injuries but I learned a valuable lesson, that if you’re tired just park the car cause this could’ve been bad," he states in the caption of the post. Jones received many messages of support from fans and fellow artists, like Jacquees, D-Nice, and Da Brat.

The R&B artist latest album 100% Free released February of 2021, his first album in a decade, and managed to to reach #20 on the Billboard Top 200. Jones also has made a breakthrough into the acting scene, starring in the HBO Max series South Side, with appearances of other musical artists like Chance The Rapper, Dreezy, and Vic Mensa.


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