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R&B Singer Speaks On Mother's Crime

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Musical artist Sammie provided a statement to the public regarding the news of his mother's murder-charge

R&B artist Sammie took to social media to give a public statement regarding the recent shocking revelation of his mother having been charged for second-degree murder in Florida. According to a report by Fox News (, Angila Baxter, the artist's mother, was arrested last Thursday (Jan. 19th) for the shooting and killing of 21-year-old Nekaybaw Collier a week earlier. Baxter and Collier had no prior connection to one another. The Orange County Sheriff's Office claim that Baxter was under the belief that she was being pursued by multiple people, leading her to use a firearm to shoot at people and their vehicles as they drove past her, resulting in Collier's death.

On Sunday (Jan. 22nd), Sammie took to social media to provide a response to the matter. In an Instagram post (, the R&B artist stated that he has no extra news to present regarding the incident but asked for privacy for both his family and Collier's, while also offering condolences to the latter family for their loss. Commenting was disabled on the Instagram post, likely to emphasize the request of privacy.


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