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R.I.P To Blueface's DMs

Blueface took to Twitter to plead to his male fans to stop barraging his inbox with explicit messages after an earlier apparently misinterpreted tweet

Blueface has been in a bit of a rough time ever since a tweet he sent out last week, in which he claims his hands to be "bisexual", apparently lead to his direct messages inbox getting flooded with explicit photos from his male fans.

On Monday (Mar. 20th), the Thotiana rapper returned to Twitter to clarify in a series of tweets that the post that initiated the flood of NSFW messages was misinterpreted and he wishes to stop being sent any more.

He clarifies that he does respect the LGBTQ community, however, and congratulates members for going "from a minority to a majority"; though he agains asserts that he is not a member of the demographic.

Twitter was also the sign of more turbulence in Blueface's life, as last week he revealed that he would be breaking up with his on-again off-again partner Chrisean Rock, who he has also been publicly feuding with over the latter's pregnancy.

Blueface recently expressed doubts on Rock being a good parent, declaring her to not be "mentally fit" on Twitter and stating on Instagram that she should get an abortion.


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