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Rubi Rose Chimes In

The supposed-breakup drama between DDG and Halle Bailey has now included Rubi Rose after revealing DMs between her and her ex-boyfriend

Recent whispers of rapper DDG and singer/actress Halle Bailey undergoing a breakup have been leaving fans of both artists puzzled, with the drama now appearing to include Rubi Rose. The model and rapper took to Twitter on Sunday (Feb. 12th) to reveal in a post DMs between her and DDG, in which the latter inquires if Rose is still in LA. Rose signed-off the tweet with a caption reading "This is why im single".

DDG responded to his ex-girlfriend in a series of tweets that suggested Rose's initial tweet to have been an attempt to maintain relevancy, leading to heated online-fight taking place in a series of Twitter posts. The tweets have since been deleted.

Rumors of Halle Bailey and DDG's possible-breakup surfaced after the latter appeared to have unfollowed Bailey's Instagram. Both have denied the rumors, with Bailey tweeting "The devil is working...Please don't feed into the lies, especially from the third party...Stay blessed everyone." In a now deleted tweet, DDG quote-tweeted Bailey's post, stating "Can y’all let my meat go now? Rubi is a weirdo. She been hating on my relationship for years."


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