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Russ Ain't Pleased

Footage has gone viral of basketball-star Russell Westbrook getting into a verbal confrontation with a fan following a match Clippers/Suns match

The Clippers/Suns game on Sunday (Apr. 16) got a bit heated when star-player Russell Westbrook got into a verbal-confrontation with an individual appearing to be a Suns fan.

While what initiated the hostilities between the fan and Westbrook is unclear, footage of the encounter depicts the interaction taking place in the club area during halftime of Game 1 of the first-round matchup between the Clippers and the Suns.

Westbrook can be heard telling the Suns fan in the video "Watch your mouth, mother*cker".

Check out the video of the confrontation here:

As mentioned, what specifically lead to the verbal-fight is currently unknown; perhaps the fan insulted Westbrook based on his in-game performance, or they were displeased with the Suns losing to the Clippers 115-110 last night.

Regardless, there is also the question if Westbrook will face any disciplinary action for the altercation before the Clippers' Game 2 match on Tuesday.


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