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Sheek Gives Words Of Advice To Young Thug

Sheek Louch had opinions to share regarding Young Thug and the YSL-scandal

In an interview with VladTV, rapper and D-Block records founder Sheek Louch had thoughts on the ongoing YSL-RICO case, specifically Young Thug and those that have taken plea-deals. “Whatever you’re involved in, if you’re not going to go all the way with it, it’s no place for that kind of shit to even like snitch," he states. "Thug, I would get rid of all these muthafuckas around you and just take whatever they give you." Young Thug is currently facing eight charges as part of the RICO case against YSL, and just one conviction could give him 20 years in prison.

Sheek appeared particularly taken aback by the YSL-members that took plea-deals, speaking as if they were traitors. "I don’t even know these rappers to even speak on them as far as what happened all the way out there, but from what I’m seeing, it’s crazy. And I know he’s sitting backing thinking, ‘God damn, we was homies!" So far, 8 YSL-members have taken plea-deals, including Gunna, Unfoonk (Young Thug's brother), SlimeLife Shawty, Lil Duke, and YSL co-founder Walter Murphy. A few members refused plea-deals, such as Derontae Bebee and Tenquarius "Nard" Mender, in which the former faces 50 years in prison Bebee, a life sentence.


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