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Snoop's Past Comin' Back To Bite Him?

Snoop Dogg's Funko Pop! store in California was recently vandalized with anti-Crips graffiti, leading to speculation on the potential of gang-activity being involved

Snoop Dogg's Funko Pop! store in Inglewood, California, dubbed "The Dogg House", was recently vandalized with graffiti writings that seem to indicate a connection to the Doggfather's past.

The store, which opened last January as part of a partnership between Snoop and Funko, was discovered to have had writing in red spray-paint across the "Welcome to Inglewood" sign as well as some next to a mural of Snoop that read "F*ck Crips", referring to the the rapper's past affiliation with the gang. The mural, which initially appeared as Snoop in an all-blue outfit, was also spray-painted red and have "CK" written next to it, likely short for "Crips Killer".

A cleaning crew eventually arrived to mend the damage done and make the establishment appear as if it never been vandalized, but that has not stopped people from speculating if the Bloods, the rival gang to the Crips, officially targeted the store due to Snoops' past affiliation with the latter gang. An individual(s) simply trying to get public attention without being affiliated with either California gangs is arguably a possibility, as well.

Snoop Dogg has yet to provide response to the crime committed against his store


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