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Somebody Get Mr. Tyson

Mike Tyson's behavior with popular social media personality Hasbulla on the former's podcast becomes the subject of both teasing and cringing

Mike Tyson recently invited social media star Hasbulla Magomedov to his podcast Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, possibly due to the latter having a presence in UFC-circles; however, someone may have failed to notify the former heavyweight champion of the background behind the internet-personality due to the Tyson's conduct with Magomedov.

Despite his appearance, Hasbulla actually has a physical condition that makes him appear as young child and thus leading many to mistake him as one, when in actuality he is a 20-years old.

Mike Tyson may have been one of those unaware of that detail, evidenced by clips spreading on social media of the former boxer playing with Hasbulla as if the latter is a child, even going as far as picking him and blowing raspberries into his neck.

Of course, Twitter users could not help themselves from making jokes out of Tyson's conduct.

Neither Hasbulla nor Tyson have provided a responses to the apparent lack of context in the situation or the internet's reactions to pair's awkward interaction, though one can guess that Tyson probably wishes he knew to not cradle a young man thinking he's a toddler.


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