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Summer Trollin' Meech

Summer Walker could not help but to poke fun at Lil Meech after an alleged-leaked sextape with Instagram model Celina Powell goes viral

Rumors of Summer Walker and Lil Meech becoming a couple had been making rounds across the internet until the pair finally confirmed their relationship, but now to accompany such discourse is a sextape from that allegedly includes Meech.

Instagram/Onlyfans Celina Powell shared a screenshot on her Twitter of the explicit-tape that seemingly depicts engaging in sexual activity with someone she appears to hint to be Meech. "I just posted the full video of me and babyyyy [demon emoji] BMF d*ck go crazy," reads the caption to the photo, which was followed by another post including a photo of Powell wearing a diamond-BMF chain that belongs to Meech.

The leaked-sextape came not long after Walker and Meech confirmed themselves to be an item, which elicited a response from Walker in the form of reposting a clip from YouTuber DDG's livestream that accompanied a tweet that read "I know Meech over there like."

Walker does not seem at all fazed with the leaked-tape from Powell, and perhaps Meech is just as disinterested due to a lack of response from the Florida rapper.

The initial-tweet from Powell as well as any others relating to the alleged-sextape have been deleted, perhaps by Powell's choice alone or due to a cease-and-desist order of some kind being issued. Regardless, if attention was what Powell was seeking for releasing the explicit-tape, she certainly had it, although arguably only for a brief time.


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