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Takeoff's Accused-Shooter Patrick Clark Makes Bond

Alleged-killer of the hit rapper manages to post bail after negotiated agreement, awaits future court date.

Patrick Clark, the alleged-shooter believed to be responsible for the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff, has left jail after posting bail for his $1 million bond on January 4th. The bond was originally set at $2 million, but was reduced after Clark's legal team successfully negotiated for its change along with other stipulations, including wearing an ankle monitor, residing in his parent's home in Houston, and avoiding contact with Takeoff's family. An attempt to reduce the bail down to $300k was made, but was denied by the court, with the judge citing Clark's remarks in a jail phone call evidencing his ability to pay $1 million.

Houston-native Patrick Clark, known as DJ Pat locally, was arrested and charged for killing Takeoff on December 2nd, almost a month after the Migos star's death. Authorities were able to deduce Clark as being responsible after reviewing surveillance footage showing him using a firearm and finding his fingerprints on a wine bottle at the crime scene. Recreation of the crime scene further confirmed Clark as the shooter. The charged-shooter awaits his return to court in March.


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