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Patrick Clark is trying to come home

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Patrick Clark hopes to see hefty price for temporary freedom lessened by Texas court

Patrick Clark, the individual accused of shooting and killing famed rapper Takeoff, has filed a request to Texas court to have his bond of $2 million reduced down to $100,000, stating the cost being too great to cover . Clark also has promised that along with this reduction he would accept wearing a GPS ankle-monitor, take residence with his parents, abide by any curfew set by the court, and surrender his ability to leave the country.

Not long after Clark's arrest, he requested $5k from the court for the hiring of a private-investigator as a part of the accused's defense case. As with the payment of the bail-bond, Clark cited his personal finances not allowing him to pay for a P.I. himself. The alleged-shooter claims that a reduced rate agreement was reached between him and his P.I. of choice.


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