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"That's So Raven" Star To Be Evaluated

Orlando Brown is to receive a psychiatric evaluation following a domestic-violence arrest

The "That's So Raven" star Orlando Brown is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as a result of a domestic-violence arrest he sustained in December. Legal documents acquired by TMZ ( reveal that Brown's legal team is seeking the evaluation to determine if their client is capable of standing trial. The actor was arrested in Ohio for allegedly engaging in domestic-violence, wielding a knife and hammer according to police. Brown pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated menacing, but this may change following the evaluation.

Brown appeared to have been attempting to better himself following him announcing having achieved sobriety in 2021 after enrolling in recovery program to contend with his substance-abuse problems. Following other charges, including drug possession and resisting arrest, the actor seemingly was on the road to recovery and ready to embrace a new stage to his life with his wife Danielle.


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