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The Beyhive Strikes Back

Nick Cannon may have came for the wrong fandom when he made the claim that Bruno Mars had more hits under his belt than Beyoncé

Nick Cannon was not doing himself any favors when he chose to declare Bruno Mars as having achieved more in his career than Beyoncé, which of course did not bode well with the Beyhive.

Cannon made such a claim while hosting his radio show Daily Cannon, initially praising Mars for his live-performances before making the comparison.

"See, no offence, but I would rather go to a Bruno Mars show than a Beyoncé or a Taylor Swift [show]," an opinion that left his fellow hosts bewildered.

"You out your mind," host Courtney Bee Bledsoe responded.

Cannon continued on with "Who got more hits?", to which Bledsoe responded by naming off some of Houston icon's most popular songs, including "Single Ladies" and "Drunk In Love."

The Wild 'N Out host then clarified by stating that he was a Beyoncé fan, but he still believed Bruno Mars to have more hits.

Check out the clip of Cannon here:

Of course, the Beyhive did not take too kindly to Cannon's remarks and took to social media to make their displeasure loud and clear.

Bruno Mars has not given any kind of response to Cannon's comments, and the likeliness of Beyoncé saying anything on this matter is rather low given her usual lack of a social media presence.

But what can be determined as a near certainty is that Nick Cannon's notifications will know no peace for some time due to having knocked the Beyhive.


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