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The Tank Treads Garcia

Gervonta Davis' victory against Ryan Garcia ended one of the best fights of the year thus far and solidified "The Tank" as one of boxing's biggest stars right now

Gervonta Davis secured a win against Ryan Garcia on Saturday (Apr. 22) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, maintaining his undefeated streak and delivering Garcia's first loss of the season.

Davis entered the ring to Chief Keef's Love Sosa, accompanied by Keef himself, undoubtedly amped to get into the ring and end Garcia's streak.

Check out Davis' walkout with Chief Keef here:

Boxing fans and experts alike have offered their respective analyses of the Davis v. Garcia matchup, with many highlighting Davis winning the fight due to skill and patience. Davis took advantage of Garcia's mistakes to deliver some effective strikes that hit after hit neutralized Garcia.

Eventually, in the seventh round, Davis struck Garcia with a devastating finishing blow to his rib, taking Garcia down and earning Davis the win.

Check out a clip of Davis taking down Garcia here:

The match result maintains Davis' undefeated record while ending Garcia's win-streak.

Following the match win, Davis offered some of his thoughts post-fight, confirming what many gathered from watching him work in the ring.

"It was me just trying to get into his head, you know...I really don’t know. But once I got in there with him, I felt skill-wise, it would be all me," Davis explained.

Garcia appeared to have had a reasonable reaction to the loss, affirming that Davis had executed a solid body-shot to end the match.

"He caught me with a good excuses in here. I just couldn’t recover. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. He caught me with a good body shot," Garcia stated.

Overall, the fight confirmed notions in the boxing world held by those attentive: Davis is one of the biggest athletes in the sport right now and Garcia, while talented and on the right track to become a star himself, may need a bit more weathering to be a polished fighter.


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