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The Thirst is REAL

After his performance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam this past weekend, DaBaby was approached by a fan with quite an offer

DaBaby's appearance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam (June 4th) was one of the more notable performances of the day despite of recent controversies from homophobic comments made by the North Carolina rapper. Such issues for the artist also seemed to not deter one particular fan of DaBaby's from approaching him with quite the sultry offer.

Footage taken of the interaction depicts the "BOP" rapper leaving the festival before being encountered by a woman who asked DaBaby to "pull it out" so she could "suck it right now".

DaBaby appeared to almost oblige the woman's proposition, before ultimately choosing to continue walking.

Check out the video here:

While DaBaby saw a drop in sales and general attention due to his homophobic comments in 2021, he may be on his way to make somewhat of a resurgence thanks to his new single "Shake Sumn", which has seen impressive chart placings and some popularity on TikTok.

Whether or not the rapper's revitalizing clout leads to him being as big as he once was is up in the air, as is the potential of him continuing to recieve any more salacious offers from fans.


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