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Tjay Opens Up

Lil Tjay took to social media to share how he's been feeling since a shooting last summer that left him with multiple injuries

Last summer Lil Tjay had been a victim of a shooting as a part of a robbery attempt in New Jersey, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds but still managing to recover. However, Tjay recently shared on Twitter that he has been contending with mental struggles, likely PTSD, since the violent incident.

A tweet posted on Saturday (Feb. 11th) from the rapper alludes to what he's been dealing, reading "I be feeling like I’m gonna die but I ain’t trynna go" and "that’s y I be steady going thru what I go thru I got ptsd."

One could fairly suggest that recent events in Tjay's life since the shooting have not helped in his internal-battle against the trauma he sustained. Recently Lil Tjay has been arrested twice, both in regards to accusations of illegal firearm-possession. The first incident occurred as the Bronx rapper was on his way to participate in an Ice Spice video shoot, until he was arrested by police at a traffic stop after a handgun was found in his vehicle. The second instance, according to Tjay's lawyer, was based on a misunderstanding regarding paying the bond for his initial arrest.


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