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Tjay Wants Some Sugar From Spice?

Lil Tjay performed alongside Ice Spice this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam, with some of his mannerisms possibly suggesting that he's got his eyes on the Bronx star

The Hot 97 Summer Jam was full of standout performances, including the sets from Ice Spice and the other artists she brought out to share the stage with. One of which was Alabama rapper Flo Milli, whom joined Spice to put on a show in the first collaborative-effort they have ever been in.

Another notable appearance was that of fellow Bronx rap star Lil Tjay, who took to the stage to vibe with Spice and the crowd. However, based on footage taken in the event by TheNowMedia team, one could argue that Tjay was thinking about more than just vibing with Spice.

Check out the footage here:

Rumors have speculated regarding a possible romantic relationship between the two Bronx rappers, mainly due to Tjay having gifted Spice with a $150k gold watch. Both have denied such gossip, claiming that they are simply friends and that the gift was just Tjay's way of congratulating Spice for their shared achievements on their "Gangsta Boo' track.

Perhaps the gift was just a friendly act from one to another, and perhaps the looks Tjay was giving Spice during their onstage performance at Summer Jam are being blown out of proportion, but what can be said with certainty is that we all will be paying closer attention to the Bronx pair and the potential of them being an item.


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