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Trae Tha Truth Airport Fiasco

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth posted a video online of him allegedly being racially-profiled by police at the airport as he attempted to return home

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth recently shared a video on Instagram of what he claims to be him getting racially-profiled as was trying to return home after performing at Rolling Loud in LA this past weekend.

In the video posted on Monday (Mar. 6th), two airport officers can be seen rummaging through Trae's bag and asking if he is possessing any "illegal narcotics", to which the rapper denies and states that he does not drink or smoke.

Trae then offers more details in the post's caption, claiming that he had been targeted by the officers after landing in the airport from LA and even used a drug-sniffing dog to search the rapper.

"First they threw a dog toy by my bag so the drug dog can sniff it , then they say oh the dog came by yo bag… Then the dog walk off and they ask me Do i Got Dope In My Bag."

Continuing, Trae states "Out of Hundreds of people his ass wanna pick me lol , He got tha right one Today… He thought it was gone be his moment to shine, Imma Help Him Get tha attention and recognition he need… Askin me do I Got Dope , Look how he search tha bag …. Harassing, Discrimination and Profiling….. Shit Got me Hot…."

At the end of the caption, Trae requested that any who had information on the identity of one of the officers to share such details with him.


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