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Trey Songz 2015 Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dropped

While the singer continues to grapple with these allegations in the public sphere, this marks the second lawsuit dismissed against him in roughly a month.

Trey Songz remains in the clear – at least for the time being – concerning a lawsuit stemming from a 2015 incident wherein two women accused him of sexual assault during a party.

Per court documents obtained by Radar Online on Friday (February 23), the lawyer representing the alleged victims stated that he was withdrawing the complaint without prejudice, leaving open the possibility of refiling it in the future at their discretion. The reason for this dismissal has not been disclosed.

As previously noted, the duo of unnamed women filed a lawsuit against Trey Songz in October of 2023, alleging that he coerced them into non-consensual sexual activity at a party in Los Angeles in 2015.

According to the documentation, the women encountered Trey in June of that year while attending one of his concerts, where they received an invitation to an afterparty he was hosting.

They claim to have formed a connection with Songz and were subsequently invited to his birthday celebration at his residence later that summer in August.

The women assert that upon their arrival at the party, they were compelled to surrender their phones. They suspect that they were drugged, as they experienced significant intoxication despite consuming only a "modest" amount of alcohol.

They allege that they lost consciousness in an upstairs bedroom and awoke to find themselves unclothed, with Trey engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with one of them while digitally penetrating the other.

Reportedly, Songz insisted that they all take a shower together, and upon their refusal, he purportedly became enraged and ejected them the following morning.

Michael Freedman, Trey Songz's legal representative, refuted the allegations.

"This serves as yet another instance of allegations from nearly a decade ago being resurrected to exploit California's debatably lawful retroactive legal provisions," he conveyed to TMZ when the lawsuit was initially filed. "We anticipate clearing Trey's name through judicial proceedings."

This development follows shortly after another legal triumph for Songz, wherein a separate lawsuit alleging sexual assault was dismissed due to the plaintiff's failure to respond promptly.

TMZ managed to obtain a copy of the court's order for dismissal, filed on January 26.

The dismissal was prompted by the plaintiff — identified as 'Jane Doe' in the legal papers — failing to meet the deadline to respond to the motion to dismiss filed by the 'Bottoms Up' artist. It remains uncertain whether the plaintiff will have the opportunity to refile the lawsuit, or if it has been dismissed with prejudice.

The lawsuit was initiated in June of the previous year, with a Jane Doe asserting that Trey Songz exposed her breasts during a pool party at a Connecticut casino in 2013.


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