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Trina Ain't Expecting, Folks

Trina clears up any speculation as to whether or not she is pregnant following her appearance at the BET Awards this past weekend

Miami rapper Trina is clearing the air regarding pregnancy rumors that have begun circulating following the BET Awards.

Such speculation rose after some viewers watched Trina take the stage to perform alongside Trick Daddy as part of the 50 Years of Hip-Hop tribute performance at the event and guessed that the red jumpsuit she was wearing was for hiding a baby-bump.

However, a representative of the artist provided a statement to TMZ clarifying that Trina is, in fact, not pregnant.

"She is not pregnant despite fans' speculation following her performance at the BET Awards. Just like any other woman, her weight fluctuates. She is asking for fans to just move on from this."

Check out Trina at the 50 Years of Hip-Hop performance here:

Fans of Trina were quick to defend the artist from such a rumor, with some stating that the rapper is simply "thick" and assuming her to be expecting is particularly disrespectful due to her past miscarriages.

Trina has been open in the past regarding her feelings about having children shifting after having three miscarriages, with her ultimately deciding against attempting to do so.

While appearing on the "Caresha Please" podcast with Yung Miami, Trina stated "Well, after three miscarriages, I would’ve had three kids. That was a lot for me. The first one was — I don’t think I really understood it too much. I was younger, younger. Then once I got older, then there was the next one I was like ‘okay, what does that mean? What does the miscarriage mean?’ Like I just didn’t really get it. Then, it just became a point like, third miscarriage. Okay."

One should not be surprised that Trina would be more than unhappy with people assuming her to be pregnant after the trauma she has endured; and unfortunately, we perhaps should not be surprised that so many individuals wrongfully assuming Trina to be expecting will not recognize their mistake and be more mindful in the future.

For now, Trina appears to be looking forward to marrying her fiancé Raymond Taylor, who proposed to her on an episode of Love & Hip-Hop back in 2021. They have yet to officially tie the knot.


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