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Unveiling the Finale: Michael Rainey Jr. and the Conclusion of 'Power Book II: Ghost' – Plus Fun Facts About the Actor

By: Vanesta CeToute

During his interview with Forbes New Money Power's Michael Rainey Jr. best known for his role as Tariq St.Patrick dished out a few interesting facts. Together both he and Forbes journalist Rosemarie Miller went down memory lane discussing the past and present day of his career. In addition, the pair also touched on the ending of "Power Book II: Ghost".

Initially, a few weeks ago, STARZ announced the show was coming to an end and while many fans were devastated some say they saw it coming. Rainey took to Instagram Live to let his fans know that he too did not know the show was coming to an end. When asked if he and 50 were cordial after the "blindside" incident he stated he was taking a page out of his mentor/friend's book.

Anyone who follows 50 closely, would most certainly agree he is the ultimate jokester, some would even call it trolling. Rainey came clean and told the interviewer he was joking and knew the show was going to end way before the announcement was made. "We had a talk about it, the studio and I and 50. But I really pulled a page out of 50's book kind trolling everybody..cause like why not stir the pot a little bit. Obviously, 50 came back with "Yeah we ending the show cause you don't answer your phone". Just a little back and forth to get the fans thinking... Just to stir the pot a little bit."

Getting back on track the Rainey and Miller began touching on several other topics related to his career and in the conversation we picked up on a few interesting facts.

Here are four facts you may not have known about Michael Rainey Jr:

  1. He began acting at the young age nine.

  2. At a young age, he once starred in an Italian film which allowed him the opportunity to live in Italy for a year and a half and learn Italian.

  3. He's a producer! As a kid music was my first love, I'm a producer now, but from a kid music was my first love. I'm a producer now and I make music still.

  4. 50 Cent is one of his mentors and certainly a father figure in his life. The best piece of advice he's received from 50 Cent is "Don't ever feel too entitled to where you deprive yourself."

When asked what's next for Michael Rainey Jr, the 23-year-old mentioned he has his focus on several different endeavors. He started a production company with Co-star and friend Gianni Paolo and they plan to produce more projects under the company belt outside of their podcast The Crew Has It.. Additionally, he disclosed his pride in owning Catch 22, a restaurant located in his homeland of Jamaica. Finally, he announced his plans to debut a new channel, Catch 22 PSI, dedicated to his passion for cars, and expressed his commitment to stepping up his efforts for his nonprofit foundation. All in all, despite the ending of "Power Book II: Ghost" Michael Rainey Jr. remains a busy young man. 

Image: Instagram | @Michaelraineyjr


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