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Vogue Vs. "Her loss"

The duo is facing a law suit for the use of the iconic vogue cover

Artist Drake and 21 Savage run into issues with Vogue Magazine. Apparently it is found that the two used faked vogue covers to promote their "Her Loss" album. Though the execution of this promotion was very pleasing to the eye, it would have been safer if the two had just asked for permission. Though Drake and 21 distributed both physical and digital copies of the cover and shared them to their socials. They removed them immediately when the lawsuit was originally filled back in November of last year. The publishing house originally sought for $4 million for the damages, but has been settled for an undisclosed amount.

It is argued in court that the cover is "just art" but that not enough to entirely save the both of them. It is said that more compelling evidence is needed to set in stone that it is in fact "just art."


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