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We Are Ginuwine-ly Concerned

Ginuwine's accident while performing at the Lovers and Friends Festival this weekend has, unsurprisingly, become the subject of ridicule and meme-ing

The Lovers and Friends festival this past weekend was notable in a number of ways, with some possibly arguing that the most memorable moment of the whole event was Ginuwine's little accident on stage.

Footage of the incident depicts the R&B singer on the stage to perform his hit "In Those Jeans", with the artist seemingly attempting to jump from one platform to another on the stage. Unfortunately, Ginuwine could not stick the landing, and while he does attempt to save himself by grabbing onto a stagehand, the singer nonetheless falls backward and out of view of the crowd.

Check out the video here:

Of course, in true internet fashion, jokes ensued in response to Ginuwine's topple.

Ginuwine does not seem to taking any of the teasing personally, as he went on to post a video on Instagram of him laughing at the fall, with a caption reading " buss my ass I am constantly laughing with the funnies but we right back at it ATL stand up next year im windmillin so don’t miss it lolololol...I got it prepared already but yeah I’m good about to do what I do one mo gin," followed by a wine-glass emoji.

He followed up on that post with another featuring a photo of his younger-self, with the caption stating "’I'm fine everyone I gotta say that was a drop lol but I popped back up like the rest have, show must go on but Superman is good thank y’all," again followed by a wine-glass emoji.

Some may say that time is not on Ginuwine's side, but that does not seem to at all deter him from wanting to match the energy of the crowd while performing. The R&B legend is certainly anything but boring.


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