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Weezy Ain't Havin' It

Fans left the latest Lil Wayne concert confused and disappointed when the rapper chose to suddenly cancel the show midway through

Those who bought tickets and showed up for Lil Wayne's concert in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 13th), the latest date as part of his "Welcome To Tha Carter Tour", are both disappointed and puzzled over the show having been cancelled by the artist himself.

Fans were already a bit frustrated with Wayne appearing over an hour after the start of the show, but after he finally showed up and started performing his hits. including "Mr. Carter", "Hustler Musik", "Drop The World", "Lollipop", "Love Me". The New Orleans artist even brought out 2 Chainz for to perform their collaboration ""Duffle Bag Boy".

Weezy would at a point leave the stage for a brief intermission, leaving Young Money artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader, and Allan Cubas to perform. Not long after his departure, however, Wayne would return to the stage to tell the YM performers that it was time to end the show.

"We appreciate it, but we ain’t about to be bending over backwards for these folks. We work too hard for this sh*t. We work way too hard," Wayne told his artists. He then turned to the crowd to declare "This my muthafuckin’ artist Allan, that was Twist, that was Yaj; we are Young Money. We appreciate y’all time."

Not long after Wayne and the Young Money artists left the stage, those sitting and wondering if the show would continue were instructed to leave the venue.

Check out this clip from the show here:

Fans were quick to go on social media to express their frustration with the show being cancelled mid-performance.

Wayne has yet to issue a response to dissatisfied fans for cancelling the show on Saturday, though even if he were to, we should not be too surprised if people are hesistant about going to future shows considering that the rapper has a bit of a history now of confronting fans and cancelling performances. Last month he suddenly canned his Atlanta show hours before he was meant to take the stage, and last year the Louisiana artist threatened to cancel a show because of an object being thrown at him while he was performing.

Needless to say, no one would be pleased if they were to pay to go to their favorite rapper's concert only to have to deal with delayed-appearances and an abrupt-cancellation. Perhaps it is too early to call such phenomena a pattern with Wayne's live-shows, but this is certainly not the kind of reputation one would want to have in regards to their conduct when performing live.


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