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What's Goin On With Kodak??

Kodak Black was recently released from jail on a $250k bond after getting arrested in Florida for missing a mandatory urine test

Kodak Black was recently put into Florida jail before seeing a quick release on a hefty bond.

TMZ reported on Monday (June 26th) that Black had been arrested for missing his mandatory drug test that came with his pretrial release. Footage also recently went viral depicting Black in a concerning state while being on Instagram Live.

Black would return to IG Live to address his fans, seemingly attempting to alleviate the concerns of his viewers as he leaves the Broward County jail

Black's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, calls the situation a win for the "Super Gremlin" rapper given that he can now travel wherever he desires without having to abide to the previously-set pretrial requirements. This is due to Cohen having argued for these mandatory tests to cease while in a hearing on Monday, to which the judge approved on the condition that Black's bond be increased from $75k to $250k. Since this bond has been paid, the Florida rapper is now free to travel and tour as much as he pleases.

Black had been forced to complete drug tests since his arrest and release in July of last year for the trafficking of oxycodone as well as being in the possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and operating a vehicle with an expired driver's-license and tags. He was released on a 75K bond under the terms that he undergo mandatory urine tests, terms of which he has either failed to follow-through on in the past or has indeed abided by, but still would be met with a failed test.

However, Black now surely is glad that he is without the constraints his pretrial-requirements had upon him. What he does now with the extra freedom is anyone's guess.


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