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What Uzi Do???

Footage has circulated depicting couple Lil Uzi and JT getting into quite the argument while attending the 2023 BET Awards

Lil Uzi and JT had a bit of a public spat while in attendance of the BET Awards show in LA last night (June 25th).

The couple, who have been together since 2019, were filmed at the event having a heated argument while in the audience-section, with the verbal-altercation building leading to JT throwing a phone at Uzi before calling them a "bitch-*ss n*gga" and leaving with Uzi following.

Check out a clip of the fight here:

Footage of the couple posted to social media by BET, with JT clearly upset and Uzi trying to comfort her, has also circulated, however the timeframe as to when this interaction occurred in relation to the fight is not explicit. A clip of the couple leaving the awards show has also spread that depicts the pair appearing to have resolved their confrontation.

Rumors have already filled the air regarding what lead to Uzi and JT's argument, with the primary source of speculation being a photo posted to Instagram by Ice Spice presenting the "Neon Guts" rapper sitting with Bronx rapper at the awards show. JT seemed to have taken notice of the post, as users noticed her as one of the many profiles that had liked the photo. Uzi also shouted out Ice Spice in his performance at the BET Awards as he showcased an unreleased song, "P!NK TAPE".

There has yet to be a public statement from Uzi or JT regarding their argument or the current-state of their relationship. Fans of both Uzi and JT would surely be displeased should the pair would to split, especially after the City Girls rapper declared her love to Uzi last July for his birthday.


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