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Wiz Plus Weed Equals Success

Wiz Khalifa shares in an interview with GQ how smoking cannabis actually serves to help perform better rather than it just being a part of the rapper's brand

Wiz Khalifa and weed are essentially inseparable from one another, with the drug serving as a major part of the the rapper's personal branding. However, the "We Dem Boyz" artist would argue that weed is more than a recreational drug for him, that it also helps him as a performer.

In an interview with GQ (, Wiz shared the changes he had been implementing in his life to improve his well-being, including shifts in his diet and workout routine. In regards to his weed-consumption, the rapper actually claimed that smoking weed aids him in his workouts and even in his stage performances.

He states "I honestly think smoking weed helps my wind a little better because I have breath control and I’m able to take these deep, long breaths that normal people who don’t drag strong marijuana—they don’t experience that."

Wiz's views on the use of weed have been made quite clear in the past, especially last month when he called out those claiming quitting weed changed their lives. In a series of Instagram stories, the rapper argued that people who have not quit smoking weed for more than a decade are not allowed to claim that their off the drug and that they feel improved. "That shit – it don’t happen that fast. Tap in about 15 years when the effects really kick in. A year, a couple days, a few months… That ain’t long enough to see no progress, fam. Straight up."

Last month Wiz released the music video to his song "Love To Smoke", which as the name suggests, serves as an expression of the rapper's affinity towards cannabis. Most recently the music video to his newest song "Paris Fashion Week" released online, showcasing the artist in the French city to partake in some partying and performing.


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