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Worth The Wait?

Frank Ocean's set at Coachella left many confused and disappointed, though an update on the artist's next album is still leaving some excited.

Frank Ocean appeared live in-concert for the first time in over 5 years at Coachella on Sunday (Apr. 16th), with fans excitedly-awaiting new music being revealed alongside a performance to remember.

However, while the R&B artist's set was certainly memorable, one may argue that his greatly-anticipated set will be notable for the wrong reasons.

After showing up on stage about an hour late to perform his set, Ocean performed a series of hits and fan-favorites like "Nights", "Novacane", "Bad Religion", and "White Ferrari". Ocean also sang a cover of Willie Nelson’s "Night Life". The planned-broadcasting of the performance on YouTube also failed for some unknown reason, having gone down a few hours before Ocean's set.

Check out these clips Frank Ocean's set at Coachella:

In a brief intermission, Ocean provided somewhat of an update on his upcoming album, declaring that it is indeed coming, but "not right now". He then went on to reminisce about his deceased younger-brother who tragically died in a car accident in 2020.

"These last couple years, my life changed so much… My brother and I, we came to this festival a lot, and I feel like I was dragged out here half the time because I hated the dust out here. I always left with a respiratory infection or whatever, so I would avoid coming, but I would always end up here."

Continuing: "One of my fondest memories was watching Rae S on — I don’t know what that stage is called — watching Rae Sremmurd with my brother and Travis...e were just dancing in that tent to their music… I know he would’ve been so excited to be here with all of us, and I want to say thank you for the support and the ears and the love over all this time."

Some fans certainly appreciated seeing the Blonde artist on stage once again, though those that expected more from the performance, or were prevented of engaging with the show through the YouTube livestream, did not seem at all satisfied.

While some were disappointed with how Frank Ocean's greatly-anticipated performance ended up turning out, one should not be surprised if any resentment or frustration regarding the artist or the circumstances surrounding his Coachella set fade away as soon as his new album finally releases.


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