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X Murder-Trial Begins

The trial for XXXTentacion's murder was officially gone underway nearly five years after the artist's death

Almost five years after his death to an armed-robbery, the murder-trial for XXXTentacion has finally begun. According to a report by NBC6 (, jury selection is still ongoing but proceedings with take place at some point this week, with three out of the alleged co-defendants-Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Devonshay Williams and Trayvon Newsome- standing trial; the fourth of the accused, Robert Allen, is expected to testify against his co-defendants for a lighter sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder charges last August. If the other three are all convicted, they are each likely to face life in prison.

While there has been no confirmation as to who of notoriety will be present at trial to be questioned, a number of celebrities with some kind of relationship to the late-X could be possibly be called to the stand. Joe Budden, Quavo, 6ix9ine, and Drake are included in the list of named-persons who could serve as witnesses at the trial. The 6God's connection to XXXTentacion stems mostly from fan conspiracy-theories of Drake somehow being involved in X's death, based on some brief but highly-publicized online-beef between the two artists that did not escalate further, but was still considered by one of the co-defendant's lawyers as enough information to name Drake as a possible witness.


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