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Yachty Stirrin' The Pot

Lil Yachty is bracing for backlash after recently declaring DaBaby to having had a better verse than JAY-Z on a Kanye West song

Lil Yachty has issued a hot take that he is well-aware would put him in the crosshairs of some rabid fans.

While hosting the first episode of his new podcast The Safe Place, Yachty shared an opinion regarding the Kanye West song "Jail" featuring DaBaby and JAY-Z.

"Something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time, the song ‘Jail’ with Kanye West. In my personal opinion, I think DaBaby had a better verse. I know the conversation of JAY-Z versus DaBaby is insane, but I honestly think his verse was better," Yachty claimed.

"I feel that’s gonna get me a lot of heat anyway. Maybe not as heated as the whole Biggie situation I dealt with in 2016."

Yachty is no stranger giving controversial opinions, as in 2016 he claimed that he believed 2Pac and Biggie to both be "overrated"; he almost immediately clarified his comments.

"I feel like I owe an apology. I didn’t think before I spoke on that topic. I know now how important and just how serious it is to some people. I didn’t want people thinking that I was disrespecting him because it wasn’t a disrespect thing."

One could argue that Yachty's hot take from his podcast is less out there than his 2Pac/Biggie opinion, but with both of these positions, fans may now start being rather wary of the Georgia rapper's opinions in case he decides to shoot off any more controversial music takes.


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