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Ye Ain't Havin' It With Paparazzi

Kanye West made his irritation with the nearby paparazzi loud and clear when he blew up on several photographers seemingly following him and his family

Kanye has never been fond of paparazzi, and if these feelings were not already clear, he recently made such sentiments very explicit.

Footage captured by TMZ depicts Ye, while out with his wife and son heading to church on Sunday (June 4th), being followed by hounding photographers, leading to the Graduation rapper stepping out of his black SUV in a parking lot to deliver a clear message.

"Like, seriously bro! All of you muthafuckas stop following me!" West exclaimed to the paparazzi.

Kanye appears to be trying slowly reveal himself bit by bit to the public again, still reeling from the immense backlash he recieved months ago for his antisemitic remarks and general assoiciation with white nationalists.

He offered what some could be construed as an "apology" after claiming he changed his mind on how he felt about Jewish people due to watching Jonah Hill in the film 21 Jump Street, declaring that the movie convinced him to "like Jewish people again."


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