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Ye's Lady Catching Heat

Bianca Censori, Yeezy architect and Kanye West's wife, is being accused of being "too friendly" to a social media influencer

Kanye West may be rather comfortable making news headlines every other week, but now his wife, Bianca Censori, appears to have become a topic of conversation after an interaction with a social media influencer.

On Saturday (May 20th), Censori was approached by Instagram influencer Gratefulboy Nue in a mall, seemingly as part of his usual content on his YouTube channel where he flirts with random women in public for content.

In their interaction, Censori appeared rather amicable and polite to Nue, who's advances towards her included calling her sexy and even asking for her phone number. Censori of course told Nue that she was married, ultimately shutting down his attempts to score a date with the Yeezy architect.

Check out the clip here:

While some may view Censori as having acted cordially to Nue without being too comfortable with his conduct, some are arguing that she was being far too kind to the influencer.

"Couldn't be my wife she let that conversation go on for far too long..." one Twitter user claimed, and "If my girls laughing after being approached by a stranger, she’s single," another commented.

Others were more reasonable towards Censori, believing that she took a firm but polite approach to denying Nue's advances.

"If you’re married to a huge celebrity, and a man walks up to you filming you while shopping in L.A., why would you not automatically assume it’s a bad-faith convo by TMZ?! She did the perfect thing: Smile, be courteous, reject with a legitimate reason, followed by a cute giggle," one tweet read.

Other users across social media have also claimed that Censori couldn't have been more firm towards Nue without getting called rude or an expletive, even though that arguably would have been appropiate given the influencer trying to make content out of their interaction.

One could argue that Nue deserves more criticism here for approaching Censori without recognizing her to be Kanye West's wife, or perhaps he indeed knew that she was married and chose to flirt with her anyway for the sake of the video.

Neither Censori nor Ye have issued any kind of response to people's reactions to the former's encounter with Nue, perhaps because the situation simply is not as dire as some are making it out to be. Rather than viewing the interaction as a supposed-act of infidelity, maybe a more fruitful conversation can arise in regards to the ethics of approaching individuals in public to potentially put them in awkward situations and use them to generate content and engagement.


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