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Ye Was Gonna Cut Hova?

Footage from Kanye West's Donda documentary recently leaked, revealing that the rapper was ready to cut artists' verses from the album, including JAY-Z's

On Wednesday (June 7th), a mini-doc on the production of Kanye West's Donda album leaked online, providing the public with a glimpse into the creative process of the controversial rapper. Viewers could see West reflecting on his late mother, directing the transformation of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta into a recording studio, and hanging out with various artists, including Fivio Foreign, Pusha T, and Playboi Carti.

One of the more notable moments in the footage, however, was when Ye was shown having an angry phone call with an individual and declaring that any artist who does not attend one of his listening parties would be cut from the album, including JAY-Z.

"Everybody that’s not here, I’m taking their verses off...I’m taking JAY-Z verse, I’m taking — if there’s anybody not here on the porch with me, they’re not on this version," West threatened.

Hanging up, West then turns to face the camera and say "How do you even describe these kind of conversations, bro?" with a laugh.

Check out the footage here:

In the end, JAY-Z's verse on the track "Jail" made it to the final product, serving as the first collaboration between Hova and Ye in five years since their appearances on the 2016 Drake song "Pop Style". Despite JAY-Z making the cut on Donda, West still made the choice to replace him with DaBaby on the song in the third and final listening session.

Other artists that were initially going to be on the album were less lucky, as Pusha T and Kid Cudi saw their verses cut over the course of the listening parties due to West's edits. Soulja Boy and Chris Brown were especially displeased with getting cut, with the former responding to not hearing his verse with "fuck that n*gga" and the latter calling West "a whole h*e".

Kanye West has already been in the news this week for yelling at paparazzi hounding him for photos, but for the most part has kept his public presence scarce other than the outings he has with his family.

One cannot be sure how the leaked footage of the Donda doc has affected people's views on Ye; perhaps some feel more affirmed in their feelings of the Atlanta rapper after watching his turbulent creative-process, while others may feel some sense of intrigue in seeing how West's mind operates. Either way, one would likely take what they have seen should they have chosen to watch the documentary as being rather on-brand with Ye.


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