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Young M.A.'s In Good Spirits

Young M.A. recently offered reassurance to her fans after fans were concerned for her health status from a viral Instagram video

Fans of rapper Young M.A. expressed great concerns over the artist after a video of her getting her hair done spread on social media and her appearance drew concern. The video in question. originally posted on Instagram by M.A.'s barber @fatsdabarber, depicts the Brooklyn artist simply getting her hair done; however, some viewing the video took notice of her eyes appearing yellow, which could be a symptom of a serious health issue.

Fans began reacting negatively to the barber for posting the video, believing him to have done so for clout. In response, @fatsdabarber addressed the accusations with the following:

"Y'all got so much to say as if I'm trying to embarrass my dawg she reposted my video if she didn't want me to record she would have told me y'all don't know our bond nor our friendship what y'all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that's that she didn't have a haircut in a month and she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life and which I did!!!! thank you sis for coming and rocking with me like always."

In response to the backlash to her barber and the growing worry from fans, Young M.A. spoke to TMZ Hip Hop ( to address the social media reactions.

"As many of my supporters know I’ve been dealing with various personal health issues the last few years," she stated. "I recently was hospitalized and was successfully treated for several conditions. I’m doing better now, will take some time but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future!!!

Continuing: "Rest assured I’m in good spirits and everything will be explained in the a documentary. Love y’all MAB! Don’t worry I’m good!"


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