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YoungBoy Comin's For Durk & Akademiks' Necks

NBA YoungBoy had some choice words for Lil Durk and DJ Akademiks ahead of the rappers' album showdown

Even though his album-faceoff against Lil Durk being only about month away, NBA YoungBoy/YoungBoy Never Go Broke Again could not help but go off on social media to unload on his rival and have some choice words for DJ Akademiks as well.

The tirade seems to have been in response to some subtle shade thrown by Durk towards YoungBoy in the form of tweet that read "Humble – I don’t get played with just YouTube," seemingly referencing the Baton Rouge artist's popularity rise through the streaming site.

YoungBoy did not seem to take the tweet lightly at all, issuing a series of tweets unloading on Durk, even involving his ex-girlfriend India Royale and DJ Akademiks.

His initial string of tweets began with him calling Durk "a b*tch" and a "nasty *ss h*e" before tagging Akademiks and calling him a "pure fat h*e" who is "invalid". A follow-up tweet had YoungBoy accusing Durk of getting a "buzz" from his friends dying, likely referencing the losses of King Von and Durk's brother OTF DTHang.

Another set of tweets came about that involved Durk's ex-girlfriend India Royale, as well as Akademiks again, claiming that he cannot be manipulated and that the podcaster is a "clown".

YoungBoy concluded his tweets with one more that revealed the date of the drop of his next album Richest Opp, May 12th. However, he would continue issuing his choice of insults to Akademiks while on Instagram Live,

Check out the NBA YoungBoy video here:

Durk gave a brief response to YoungBoy's comments, simply tweeting "Idk nun I ain’t seen nun", while Akademiks provided a more sentimental statement in regards to YoungBoy's Twitter rant.

"Lol I never thought I see the day my homie diss me cuz his sales low...This rap game is the devil lol. Youngboy I forgive u man. We can get them sales up otherwise …… lol. But ok. Capitol Records I blame u for this.. y’all pressuring YB to get some sales he doing anything. Get my boy off house arrest tho," Akademiks tweeted.

Continuing: "YB the last rapper I thought would ever do some shit for sales. But damn. Go buy his album it drops Friday…. He’s tryna outsell Lil Durk. I still love him tho. Buy his project."

Based of the recent social media activity of the rival rappers, one could reasonably guess that Durk and YoungBoy's album showdown will be a sight to witness for all.


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