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YoungBoy Makin' Enemies Out Of Big Draco

The feud between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk has now included Soulja Boy into the mix, who felt their beef to be interfering with his album-drop

As if NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk's rivalry could not get more hectic after the former's social media rants earlier this week, Soulja Boy is now involved after uploading a video of seemingly displeased over their beef overshadowing his album-release.

Big Draco went on Instagram Live on Tuesday (May 9th) to express his frustrations at the competing album-drops of the two rappers (Durk's Almost Healed and YoungBoy's Richest Opp) both being on Friday (May 12th), the same day as Soulja's release of his new album The Biggest Opp. He also appeared undeterred to declare that the feuding-artists should just end their beef already.

"Lil Durk, you scary as f*ck. If you gon’ fight YoungBoy, gon’ fight him, n*gga. F*ck wrong with you, boy? I know you seen me announce my album, n*gga … And the next day you gon’ hop on here talking ’bout you ‘Almost Healed.’ Man, you almost lame, n*gga," Soulja stated.

Continuing: "Is y’all n*ggas gon’ scrap or what y’all gonna do? All this back-and-forth sneak dissing sh*t, go on with that sh*t. Y’all n*ggas painting y'all nails, doing all type of weird sh*t. Stop playing with me, n*gga."

Soulja also goes on to claim that his album will outsell both Durk and YoungBoy's albums combined.

Check out clips of Soulja Boy's livestream here:

YoungBoy, quick in his response to Soulja, took to Twitter on Wednesday (May 10th) to shut down the "Pretty Boy Swag" artist.

On the site, YoungBoy shared the tracklist of his upcoming Richest Opp album, including a caption reading "It’s just the simple fact b*tch y’all tried using me for promotion b*tch I stay ready #RICHESTOPP #FRIDAY," followed by another tweet reading "Ooh I swear I hate y’all hating *ss bitches and n*ggas."

Lil Durk has yet to respond to Soulja's comments as he did with YoungBoy earlier this week, perhaps due to being locked-in on anticipating the response to his new album. However, with his along with YoungBoy and Soulja's all releasing on the same day, we should all anticipate Twitter and Instagram to become arenas for the potential virtual shouting-matches coming in response to the album showdown.


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