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Yung Miami Looking For a Change?

Across Twitter and Instagram, the City Girl has been sharing her thoughts on relationships and what she's looking for in romantic partner

Florida rapper Yung Miami, also recognized for being in an open-relationship with artist P Diddy, has expressed across social media what appear to be frustrations with her current relationship and new standards going forward for the next possible partner.

After performing a new single at Rolling Loud this past weekend, Yung went on Twitter to share her longing towards her partner, Diddy.

Not long after, however, the City Girl made a stern declaration with no follow-up or elaboration, in which she states that she will not being "sharing [her] next n*gga!"

On an Instagram livestream, Yung also shared her sense of distaste towards marrying someone, believing all men to be unfaithful.

"I take everything personal, I will never forget," she states in the livestream. "If my husband cheats on me, Imma kill him."

Yung Miami and Diddy have been in a confirmed relationship since June 2022, after dating rumors circulated since the year before. Later that year, Yung clarified that the two are in an open-relationship, in which they are still together but are allowed to date other individuals.

In December 2022, when Diddy announced the birth of his daughter to another woman, people across the internet went on to question the status of his and Yung's relationship, with many calling the latter a "side-chick". The pair vehemently denied such accusations and affirm their statuses regarding one another.


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