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Yung Miami's Response to Diddy's Surprise Baby

The rapper expresses her feelings regarding the recent announcement of her partner having a baby with another woman

Rappers and casual Yung Miami and Diddy have been explicit about their open relationship for some time, and when news came of the latter having a baby daughter with another woman, Miami's response was rather calm. When asked of her thoughts on her Caresha, Please podcast (named after the rapper's real name, Caresha Brownlee) by rapper G Herbo, Miami stated "When you're dealing with somebody, I think communication is key...It wasn't, like, a surprise." Miami goes on to explain her preference in people being upfront and honest with her. "I feel like men are so afraid of being truthful from the jump. They try to, like, lie a lot and you have to show that, 'I'm a real person...I'm real like that."

The couple's relationship was confirmed earlier this year, though Diddy's baby news has lead to the new father clarifying on social media it not being one where the two are exclusive to one another, nor is Miami a "side-piece". "@yungmiami305 is not my side chick. Never has, never will be," he declares on Twitter. "She's very important and special to me, and I don't play about my Shawty Wop."


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